Mississippi Commercial Lease Agreement Template


The Mississippi commercial lease agreement details the concretization of the obligations related to a company’s use of real estate to promote or manage a business in the allocated space. Leasing documents can be catered to fit each corresponding transaction on an as-need basis, depending on the structure of the deal. The provided paperwork allows for the rental of a property geared toward the standard practices involved in leasing for business purposes. The presented form indicates the players implicated in the arrangement and identifies the property address. The additional information contained in the contract states specifics on the lease type, base rent, security deposit, and property use. It further explains several provisions to confirm stipulated obligations and policies to be observed through the term of the lease. When the participants in the accord have reached an understanding reflected within the filing, signatures can be applied to institute a resolved commitment to the contents. Should either party negate a portion of the rental agreement, the possibility for breach of contract could become a reality and action taken as a subsequent repercussion.