Missouri Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


The Missouri month-to-month lease agreement commissions the rental of a dwelling for an extended period in the interest of the lessor receiving a monthly stipend. The standard lease arrangement usually coincides with a term of six to twelve months, committing the tenant to the lease for a long term promise. For those lessors and lessees seeking a shorter-term alternative, the “month-to-month” or “tenancy at will” lease can be an ideal option. This type of lease allows all parties to automatically renew the rental of the residence at the end of the month. In the case that either the tenant or landlord wishes to op-out of renewal, the annulment of contract can be instigated by dispensing notification in advance of thirty (30) days before cancelation.

The document provides standardized registration of the facts on the leasing of the property covering:

  • Names of the Involved Individuals
  • Property Description
  • Lease Term
  • Security Deposit
  • Late Fees on Rental Payments

Policies associated with the building and use of the property are also outlined in the paperwork and are to be followed to avoid a possible breach of the agreement. Affixing endorsements by the participants of the written understanding to the contract create a bond enforceable by law.