Indiana Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


Updated on December 16th, 2020

The Indiana month-to-month lease agreement creates a binding legal document to establish the rights and responsibilities inherent in a lease of residential property. A month-to-month lease type provides the additional benefit of flexibility from a long-term requirement, allowing both individuals the opportunity to opt-out with less commitment. To nullify the lease, either party can simply give thirty (30) days of advanced notification to the other to essentially conclude the arrangement. This thirty-day notice is mandated by the state of Indiana to be delivered to the other party in writing to be considered observable notification (§ 32-31-1-1). Contained in the document is a register of the lessor and lessee identities, property address, rent schedule, security deposit, terms, and conditions. Affixed signatures form the involved parties will signify acceptance to the presented terms and validate the written contract.