Idaho Lease to Own Agreement Form

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The Idaho lease to own agreement implements the use of a written register to commemorate the exchange of the right to use a property for a stipulated monthly payment. Covered in this lease to own agreement is an ancillary option to purchase as the leasing period comes to a close. Summarized in the express arrangement are facts pertaining to the rental of the property, such as lessor and lessee information, property description, rental payment schedule, and accompanying rights, responsibilities, building policies. The paperwork also outlines the provisions pinpointing the particulars to exercise the option, the expiry date of the offer, purchase price, and option fee. State legislature mandates that particular language be included in a lease to own agreement structure for it to be considered a valid contract. The downloadable document conforms to the required specifications put forth by the state of Idaho in conjunction with the Idaho Lease-Purchase Agreement Act (§ 28-36-105).