Florida Commercial Lease Agreement Template


Updated on December 10th, 2020

The Florida commercial lease agreement encompasses the ins and outs surrounding the exchange of use of commercial space for an agreed-upon monthly payment. Commercial real estate transactions can tend to be somewhat more complicated than the average residential lease agreement, so it is recommended to cover all your bases when entering into an express contract. The available leasing document provides both the lessee and lessor with the indicated information, supplying identities of both parties, property address, rights, and responsibilities. The legal form also lists relevant clauses for review by the participating individuals concerning rent type, term, security deposit, exclusivity, improvements, and option to renew.

Initially, the lessee and lessor may present several revised leases to each other to fine-tune the paperwork to specify the needs of both parties. Through negotiation and amending of the written record, both parties can find common ground concerning the lease terms and affix their signatures accordingly. When entering into a contract to lease property for business use, it is generally customary for a witness or notary official to be present at signing to validate the arrangement.