Delaware Commercial Lease Agreement Template


Updated on December 10th, 2020

The Delaware commercial lease agreement reveals the commitments of both a renter and property owner in the accord to lease real estate for business use with compensation in the form of an agreed-upon dollar amount. Leasing a commercial unit can tend to be more complicated than residential properties, and can include additional provisions that may not typically be introduced in a standard residential lease. The lease type is to be designated within the contract, assigning whether it is to be gross, modified gross net, or triple net, depending on the circumstances of each given transaction, and corresponding negotiated terms. Other clauses identifying improvements, renewal options, exclusivity, and necessary permits can be adjusted in the contract as needed on an individual basis. Keep in mind that the maximum amount that can be requested as a security deposit set by the state government on real estate additionally applies to commercial properties, and is set at no more than one month’s rental payment.