Virginia Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form


The Virginia boat bill of sale form devotes a designated document to verify the information that constitutes a vessel’s sale. When entering into the transaction to transfer a boat to another individual, it is important to provide a written chronicling of the event for registration, liability, and overall proof of ownership. The paperwork includes space to denote pertinent data on the buyer, seller, vessel, and purchase price. The signing of the form will indicate the finalization of the accord to exchange the watercraft.

How to Register a Vessel

Virginia’s State Law specifies that all watercraft propelled by a motor or sailboats with a length of 18-feet or longer must comply with the jurisdictional requirements of retaining active in-state registration and title to utilize the vessel upon Virginia waterways legally. Valid exceptions to this ordinance are:

  • Vessels are used for less than 90 successive days with current active registration and or title in an alternate state or country.
  • Vessels to operated solely on private waterways.

You will have the option to mail appear at your nearest Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries location or area Virginia DMV facility with the following presented documents:

Should you prefer to mail in the required forms, place the paperwork in an envelope with proper postage and mail it to the following address:

Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
Client Services
P.O. Box 9930
Henrico, VA 23228

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – Enter the full purchase amount for the watercraft in numerical form.

Step 3 – Purchaser/Seller Information – Complete the following facts concerning the following for both buyer and seller:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Step 4 – Description of Vessel – Document the particulars of the boat that is to be sold as follows:

  • Make
  • Year
  • Hull ID Number
  • Registration Number
  • Title Number
  • Motor Model
  • Year (of Motor)
  • Odometer Reading (in hours)

Step 5 – Description of Trailer – Should the boat being sold include a trailer with the sale, detail the listed information below in the provided spaces:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Serial Number

Step 6 – If any of the sold items have outstanding liens associated with them, make sure to cite within the paperwork in the allocated area.

Step 7 – Once the agreement is achieved between the purchaser and seller, the date and corresponding signatures can be recorded. Proper validation of the contract’s execution is achieved with the substantiation of a licensed notary or witnesses. The endorsement will need to be performed before one or more of these individuals to be further authenticated.