Texas Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form

The Texas firearm (gun) bill of sale form identifies the details of a sale of a firearm for a denoted amount of funds in US currency. The form serves to show the chain of ownership and the date in which the gun changed hands. The information contained in the register features the details on the seller, purchaser, firearm, sales price and confirming signatures upon agreement to the terms and separate disclosure statements.

How to Register a Gun

Regulations and statutes surrounding government intervention when it comes to firearm sale and registration are limited in the state of Texas. Obtaining a firearm in the state does not warrant the procuring of a permit to acquire the gun. There is also no formal registration process to adhere to once a purchase has been made. Purchasing a firearm from an official firearm dealer will require a background check upon an individual, but the same gun purchase from a private party will not need this measure. Although no background check is mandated for sales involving private individuals, the legality of the transaction must adhere to the regulation imposed on the buyer and meet the eligibility requirements for lawful gun possession (per Texas Government Code § 411.172).

How to Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit

Once a firearm has been bought, if you choose to carry it, there are restrictions to where and how you are allowed to proceed. You may openly carry a long gun as long as it is not used to in a manner to threaten or to induce fear. To carry a handgun openly or in a concealed fashion, you must first receive a License to Carry a Handgun. An added benefit to obtaining a license is that it will allow you to carry the weapon in many other US states that acknowledge reciprocity from the state of Texas.

To apply for a License to Carry a Handgun produce the following forms and paperwork to submit on the Texas DPS online services website or to deliver to your nearest Texas Department of Public Safety location:

If you have gathered the above-listed materials, you can also alternatively send them in the mail to apply at the following address:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Concealed Handgun – MSC 0245
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX

How to Write

Step 1 – Have the buyer read the initial disclosure statement, and to testify in agreement with the statement, the buyer can adhere printed name and signature below.

Step 2 – In the next section of the form indicate the firearms being transferred and the detailed information associated with them as follows:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Caliber
  • Serial Number
  • Cost

Step 3 – Then include the required information on both the buyer and seller in the provided spaces:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Concealed Weapon License Number
  • Contact Phone Number

Step 4 – Enter the date of sale in the allocated blank space and below you can make a notation to any stipulated sale terms to the agreement under “sales conditions”.

Step 5 – Upon agreement to purchase price, disclosure statement, and sale terms, both parties can endorse the document to enforce the contract.