Rhode Island Bill of Sale Forms

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The Rhode Island bill of sale form satisfies written documentation, chronicling the transfer of a particular item to a new owner. It stipulates the information associated with the dealing parties as well as information on the item to be sold and transparent terms of sale. It can be further authenticated with the supervision of a licensed notary to oversee and attest to the signatory process.

Table of Contents

    Bill of Sale Types

    Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale Form – Enforces the legitimacy of the transfer in possession of a vehicle.

    Download: Adobe PDF

    Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form – Utilized to document the details involved in the sale of a boat.

    Download: Adobe PDF

    Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form – Included paperwork in the process of exchange of gun from one owner to the next.

    Download: Adobe PDFMicrosoft Word (.docx)

    Vehicle Registration Forms

    • Completed Bill of Sale
    • A fully filled-out and notarized Rhode Island Application for Registration and Certificate of Title (form TR-1)
    • The transferred tile signed by the previous owner.
    • Evidence of current automobile insurance in The State of Rhode Island.
    • A finalized Rhode Island Use Tax (form T-334-2)
    • An active Rhode Island photo identification card or driver’s license.
    • Payment for all registration fees and taxes.
    • In the case the vehicle was built in the year 2000 or earlier the following statements also apply:
      • It is required you submit the Application for registration and title with the prior owners notarized signature, or attend the DMV in person with the individual.
      • It is mandated to include a VIN check report from a local police precinct.

    Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

    Firearm Registration Forms

    Rhode Island does not require residents to register a gun after it has been purchased, but to buy a gun in-state is regulated. Before purchasing a handgun, one must complete a hunting safety course in order to receive permission via a ‘blue card’ to then buy the weapon. When purchasing a gun in The State of Rhode Island, individuals must undergo a background check as well as a 7-day holding period before taking possession of the firearm. Once a gun has been acquired, to carry openly or concealed will require you to apply for a License to Carry a Concealable Weapon with the following submitted documentation: