Kentucky Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form

The Kentucky firearm (gun) bill of sale form is a useful document that is incorporated during the exchange of pistol, shotgun, or rifle. Information relevant to the sale or trade is disclosed within the document, therefore, creating a proof that a transaction has occurred. Data entries such as the participants’ names & addresses, a gun description, and the date of sale are all contained within the form. Users of this contract may perform the signature section in front of an individual who retains notarial power to certify the agreement. Sellers should exercise due diligence and ensure that the purchaser is of legal age and not banned from owning a firearm according to Kentucky law.

How to Register a Gun

There is no ordinance within Kentucky law demanding that residents have to submit to firearm registration. Kentucky is known for having minimal restrictions when it comes to gun legislation, not requiring any type of licensing to own or purchase a pistol and/or long gun. The only time a license is obligatory is if someone would like the liberty of carrying a concealed handgun within the public confines.

How to Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit

The KSP (Kentucky State Police) is in charge of issuing CCDW (Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons) licenses. Any individual interested in acquiring this license must be a minimum of 21 years old, a resident of Kentucky, and not forbidden by law (in compliance with KRS § 237.110). This license also allows holders to carry in various other states that participate in reciprocity with Kentucky. To begin the application process, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • An application form that has been completed at your county sheriff’s office or through the KSP’s CCDW Portal (the online method will expedite the process lowering the wait time by 20 days, a $10 fee may be incurred).
  • A firearms training certificate signed by a confirmed CCDW instructor (your trainer will handle the procurement of the required certificate after the successful completion of the course).
  • Allow law enforcement to initiate a background check to ensure there is no past criminal activity that prohibits the applicant from attaining the license (this is performed within 90 days of the applicant’s submission).
  • If you do not have citizenship status, a Citizenship Affidavit (Form KSP 131) will need to be completed in order to apply.
  • Submit a color photo of the applicant’s face (shoulders to the top of the head) that meets the following guidelines:
    • A minimum of 3½” x 4″ and no more than 4″ x 6″.
    • Taken by a digital camera that has at least 7-megapixels.
    • Printed on quality photo paper.
    • When in doubt, a photo that meets the standards necessary to acquire a passport will suffice. There are many businesses that offer this service for a small fee.
  • A form of payment that coincides with the KSP’s criteria (check or money order):
    • Application Fee – $60 made payable to the “Kentucky State Treasurer”.
    • County Sheriff’s Fee – $20 (inquire with your local department on the preferred method of payment)

After fulfilling the above requests, the processing department will have up to 90 days to either deny or grant licensing. If approved, you will receive a “Flash Pak” in the mail informing you that you may retrieve your CCDW license from your local sheriff’s office. The license remains operable for a period of 5 years, after which, you must apply for renewal (you will be notified by mail 12o days before expiration).

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – Seller & Buyer General Information – Establish the identity of the individuals involved in the sale or trade by entering the following details into the first 2 sections of the form:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Driver’s License Number

Step 3 – Gun Features – Provide the following inquired data that verifies which firearm is being transferred in the exchange:

  • Manufacturer (or Make)
  • Model
  • Caliber
  • Serial Number

Step 4 – Transaction Details – Enter within the blank spaces provided the definitive details concerning the transaction:

  • Purchase Price of the Firearm (in word form)
  • Purchase Price of the Firearm (in number form)
  • Date in which the sale is being executed.
  • For Trade Purposes Only: Supply a checkmark on the designated box and insert a short paragraph explaining how the trade will be completed.

Step 5 – Disclosure Sections – Contained within the document are 2 disclosure sections (one for the seller and one for the buyer). Each party should read the statements written within the paragraph to see if they comply. If they concur with what’s been declared, they may then sign on the provided line.

Step 6 – Completing the Agreement – To validate the agreement, users must furnish the following requisites:

  • Buyer & Seller Signatures and Printed Names
  • 2 Witness Signatures and Printed Names

(Reminder: This form provides 2 notary sections. It is recommended that all signatures are performed in the presence of an authorized official who can notarize the document for certification.)