Kentucky Bill of Sale Forms


Updated on June 21st, 2023

The Kentucky bill of sale form derives a written summary of the key elements involved in the transaction of an item for an agreed-upon consideration. The wording of the document contains information about the participating individuals, transferred personal property, and associated sale terms. Signatures from the buyer and seller create a contract that can be later utilized to demonstrate the change in ownership.

Bill of Sale Types

Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale Form – Designed to log the relevant info involved in the sale of a vehicle.

Download: PDF

Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form – Can be used to record the facts involved in the transaction involving a vessel.

Download: PDF

Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form – Employs a written account to document the details of a sale of a firearm.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx)

Vehicle Registration Forms

Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

  • An executed bill of sale
  • A filled and signed Motor Boat Transaction Record Application for Title/Registration
  • Ownership supporting document via a manufacturer’s certificate of origin, a reassigned title, or for vessels that do not yet have a title, the previous boat registration.
  • Photo or rubbing of the Hull Identification Number of the boat
  • Active photo driver’s license or identification card
  • An original social security card for the applicant
  • Payment to cover all taxes and fees included in the registration of a watercraft.

Firearm Registration Forms

Kentucky does not enforce any obligation for residents to register firearms within the state. There are also no mandates necessitating individuals first to furnish a permit to buy a weapon or upon obtaining as a gun owner. Carrying a gun within the confines of that state is acceptable without a license in sanctioned areas, but should one wish to lawfully carry concealed within city limits or travel out of state to participating reciprocity states, a Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons License will be required. You can apply to receive a license upon passing a criminal history background check by supplying the following records and paperwork: