Florida Bill of Sale Forms


The Florida bill of sale form chronicles the material facts involved in the interchange of a personally owned object in return for a predetermined financial compensation. This record secures the details of the sale to a concise register to then be agreed to upon endorsement. The paperwork can later be used to demonstrate the exchange of ownership, date of sale, and purchase price.

Bill of Sale Types

Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale Form – Commits the facts involved in the sale of an automobile to a documented testimonial.

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Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form – Ratifies the details of an exchange of a boat for a prearranged sum of money.

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Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form – Entitles a purchasing party to the ownership of a firearm upon completion of a sale.

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Vehicle Registration Forms

Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

  • A signed and dated bill of sale form for used vessels or a manufacturer’s certificate of origin should the vessel be newly purchased.
  • A transferred certificate of title for the watercraft, accompanied by a finalized Odometer Disclosure Statement for any boat that was built within the past 10 years (can be found on page 2 of the bill of sale form).
  • For vessels that have not previously been registered with the state, the applicant must also provide a certificate of VIN inspection, made available at your nearest police precinct.
  • Proof of effective Florida boat insurance policy
  • A valid driver’s license, identification card, or passport
  • Fund for all stipulated fees and taxes connected with the titling and registration of the vessel

Firearm Registration Forms

Florida does not demand individuals residing in the state to formally register an obtained firearm with the state or municipal authorities. In order to acquire licensure to carry a weapon will require residents to be eligible (per Florida Statute – § 790.06), and to apply by presenting the following documents for review:

  • Proof of fulfillment of a state-approved firearm safety program with a valid certificate complete with the signature of a qualified instructor.
  • A standard fingerprint identification card (provided by your local law enforcement agency)
  • Two passport-type color photographs for the applicant (taken within 30 days of application)
  • Payment in the form of a debit card, credit card, or e-check
  • When you have gathered the listed materials, you can then begin the process electronically by filling out the Online Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Application.