Alabama Bill of Sale Forms


The Alabama bill of sale forms help facilitate the exchange of property (vehicle, boat, firearm, etc.) between two individual parties. The document requires that the participants disclose meaningful details relevant to the transaction such as the buyer & seller’s contact info, purchase price, and property description. Once all the required fields have been fulfilled, the agreement is typically signed under the review of a notary public who may then validate the contract for authentication purposes.

Bill of Sale Types

Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale – Exclusively designated for the sale/purchase of any car or truck.

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Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale – Executed during the transfer of possession in regards to a watercraft.

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thumbnail of Alabama Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale FormFirearm (Gun) Bill of Sale – Utilized during the sale or trade of handgun, rifle, and/or shotgun.

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Vehicle Registration Forms

Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

Interested parties may register their vessels by visiting one of the following locations within the county they reside:

and prepare to have the following documentation fulfilled:

Firearm Registration Forms

Alabama does not demand the registration of guns within the state, nor is there any licensing or permits required unless someone would like to access the authority to carry a concealed handgun, in which case, they may apply through their local sheriff’s office.