West Virginia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement Form

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The West Virginia month-to-month lease agreement requires less obligation than your average residential lease. Instead of committing to an annual term, this lease enables either the lessor or lessee to back out at the end of any month’s term. The only condition is that the terminating side of the contract must deliver one (1) month’s notice, in writing, to the other party informing them of the cancellation. Other than the term of the lease, it is very similar to your average rental agreement. Users must indicate the circumstances of the occupancy, such as what the rent payments will be each month, how much the security deposit will cost, and what fees can be imposed for certain infractions. For the purpose of creating a binding agreement, all individuals involved in the renting process must come together and sign the form after supplying the details of the arrangement within the document.

Minimum Notice Required to Terminate Contract – One (1) Month’s Term (§ 37-6-5)