Wisconsin Lease to Own Agreement Form


The Wisconsin lease to own agreement is specific to renters who would like the option to purchase the real estate they occupy during the period of their tenancy. In order for this to occur, the landlord/seller and tenant/buyer must come to an understanding of what is required from each party. The landlord must first agree to the option to purchase and then subsequently list the terms within the aforementioned document and endorse it within the designated portion of the form. Important facets of the lease that should be carefully considered and recorded within the contract include the monthly payments that will be made during the course of the option’s term, what the purchase price will be if the lessee decides to buy, and the amount of consideration the tenant/buyer will be required to pay upfront for the option. Along with both parties’ signatures, it is advised that at least one (1) witness and any agents taking part in the transaction also sign the form for further legitimacy.