Oregon Month to Month Lease Agreement Template

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Updated on December 16th, 2020

The Oregon month-to-month lease agreement is good for those who would like to avoid the long-term commitment of an annual lease. Some people would prefer to have the ability to end the terms of their rental contract during any month, so long as thirty (30) days’ notice is delivered to the opposite party (90 days if the tenancy has exceeded 1 year). With the exception of its term, this agreement is fairly similar to any other standard lease agreement. It requires users to input the move-in date, monthly rental costs, and any rules/regulations associated with the property.

Minimum Notice Required to Terminate Contract (SB 608) – In 2019, Governor Brown signed SB 608 into law which requires landlords to give thirty (30) days’ written notice to the lessee before officially terminating the terms of a tenancy that has not exceeded one (1) year. If the tenancy has exceeded the 1-year mark, then the landlord is required to give ninety (90) days’ notice. (Some jurisdictions may vary.)