New York Rental Application Form

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The New York rental application is a commonplace procedure conducted by those who are in charge of renting out an apartment, condo, house, etc. Landlords and management companies who have a vacant property that they wish to fill will oftentimes be contacted by multiple parties eager to occupy the premises. To increase their chances of gaining a responsible tenant, they can offer a copy of this form to anyone requesting to rent. This document demands that the applicant provide valuable info concerning their rental history, current employment situation, and financial records. These elements of one’s life can then be used to assess whether they would be qualified for tenancy or not.

Application Fee (§ 238-a(1)(b)) – Landlords/Property Managers may not charge the applicant any more than the expense of the background check or twenty (20) dollars. Also, if the applicant has a valid copy of a background check performed on them within the past thirty (30) days, then they are exempt from paying any type of application fee upon providing the documentation.