New Hampshire Rental Application Form


Updated on January 16th, 2021

The New Hampshire rental application is a customary document carried out by those in charge of renting out residential property. When a landlord or management company has a vacant property that they would like to lease, they will typically advertise it to the public in hopes of finding an individual to occupy the premises. But, they should not just accept the first person to display interest in the property. It is crucial that the lessor vet each prospective tenant prior to leasing the property to ensure that there is minimal risk involved with the tenancy. This form allows landlords/managers to garner information from the applicant that can come in handy when assessing their ability to rent. Such information will include details related to their job, rental history, financial/credit status, and criminal background.

Application Fee – At this point in time, the state of New Hampshire does not enforce guidelines on the amount one can charge for the processing of a rental application.

Rental Verification Request (Form 775) – Only applicable to subsidized housing, this form can be provided to a prospective tenant to collect data concerning the type of government benefits they are entitled to.