North Dakota Rental Application Form

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Updated on January 16th, 2021

The North Dakota rental application is an assessment tool taken advantage of by property holders and management companies in the pursuit of obtaining valuable details about a potential renter’s background that could help indicate if the person will be a sustainable occupant or not. When analyzing a party of interest, the person in charge of renting out the premises is going to want to know about their:

  • Past Occupancies
  • Employment Status
  • Current Financial Position
  • Credit History
  • Criminal Background

These elements of one’s life can all be addressed through the information requested within the form. Once the applicant has supplied all the needed data, the document will then be processed (most times outsourced to a screening company) and the eager renter will ordinarily get an answer within forty-eight (48) hours.

Application Fee – Applicants will most likely have to pay a fee to cover the expense of reviewing the information provided in the form. North Dakota does not restrict the amount that can be charged for this task.

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