North Dakota Month to Month Lease Agreement Template

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The North Dakota month-to-month lease agreement is available to those who favor the flexibility associated with the short-term aspect of the contract. As contained in the title of the agreement, the period of tenancy operates on a month to month basis, resetting at the end of each term until either party terminates the occupancy. Nevertheless, the party looking to discontinue the arrangement must offer a minimum of thirty (30) days’ advanced notice (in writing). For example, if a landlord would like to cancel an active contract, he or she should make sure to deliver the notice to the tenant by the final day of the current term in order to have the tenant vacate the premises by the end of the next month’s term.

Excluding the monthly term, this form essentially contains all the familiar sections you would see in any other traditional lease. These sections consist of the initial date of possession, the cost of the rent & security deposit, and the apportioning of utility expenses (meaning who is responsible for the expense of each service). After customizing the document to your needs, the lessor and lessee should finalize the instrument by providing their signatures, printed names, and the date in which the agreement was executed.

Minimum Notice Required to Terminate Contract – Thirty (30) Days (§ 47-16-15.5)