Montana Residential Rental Application Form

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Updated on January 15th, 2021

The Montana Residential Rental Application produces reliable source information to be reviewed by the owner of a leased dwelling to ensure the capability of a prospective lessee to care for the unit and make consistent rent payments. The data collected pertains to the identity and contact info for the applying individual(s) that will reside on the property to create a line of communication for negotiation and ongoing relations. The secondary function of the application is to obtain employment verification and evidence of sufficient income to afford the accommodations for a long-term commitment. Additionally, the document requests the submission of the associated personal identification information to run a background check on the renting individual as a common industry practice. Examining a report of a potential tenant’s rental, criminal, and credit history will aid in the process of selecting a suitable occupant. The paperwork will require a signature from the tenant to approve the action to run a background investigation with the necessary permissions. Consult with the owner or management company should there be any questions regarding the application fee, as one is generally required to cover the costs of running a background check.