Mississippi Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


The Mississippi month-to-month lease agreement certifies the guarantee for a lessee to utilize a piece of real estate for an agreed-upon dollar amount issued to the lessor every month. The overall approach to the month-to-month lease aims to extend flexibility to both the tenant and the landlord. By constructing a written arrangement that can be nullified with a thirty (30) day advanced proclamation, this allows either party to consider any outside opportunities within a month’s notice. This type of rental accord can be practical for both ends of the transaction should the participants desire a shorter-term option rather than a more significant commitment. The document presents the following transaction information:

  • Tenant Name(s)
  • Landlord Name(s)
  • Property Management Officials (if applicable)
  • Property Address
  • Lease Term
  • Monthly Rental Rate
  • Security Deposit Particulars

The paperwork also lists several different provisions to cover a range of policies and procedures to be upheld by all involved individuals for the duration of the contract. Endorsement of the agreement by the willing parties signifies a commitment to the written statements therein.