Michigan Residential Rental Application Form


Updated on January 15th, 2021

The Michigan Residential Rental Application notifies the lessor of all necessary information on a prospective renter to establish their qualification to lease a residential dwelling. The form administers the procurement of the data with prompted inquires for the applicant. There is usually a fee charged to applying individuals to demonstrate committed intent to lease, while also covering the charge to outsource a background check.  The potential occupant will utilize the document to relinquish info on their identity, income, employment, and rental history. There is additional space to present information on any pets that will be residing in the unit if applicable. The potential lessee is required to sign the application to permit the landlord or management company the right to review the associated credit report for the tenant for verification purposes. This standard procedure of investigating prior rental experience satisfies the assurance that the property owner will be compensated for the use of the property, and the tenant will take care of the condition of the residence.