Michigan Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


Updated on December 16th, 2020

The Michigan month-to-month lease agreement consecrates the terms for a precursive tenancy in a residential unit in exchange for a monetary sum on a monthly basis. The arrangement associated with this particular rental contract allows for either lessor or lessee to be free of obligation upon written advisement to terminate the agreement. The notification by either party will prompt the dissolving of the agreed-upon conditions thirty (30) days after the deliverance of the communication. The registration of the information in the record covers the names of those involved, rental payment amounts, security deposit requires and return, and regulations for property use. Should the tenant deny the expected remittance of payments in a timely manner, the landlord will be granted the authority to quit the lease obligations with a seven (7) day notification before canceling (§ 554.134). By the affixing of signatures to the filing, both parties essentially agree to the listed provisions and enter into a legally binding accord.