Maine Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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The Maine month-to-month lease agreement induces the registration of the facts concerning the rental of a residence for a predetermined monthly dollar amount. This lease, in particular, presents the benefit of flexibility to terminate the contract with advance notification of thirty (30) days for both the tenant and landlord. For those tenants searching for a short-term resolution to their housing needs, a month-to-month lease can be an ideal solution. The lessor can additionally gain advantage from a short-term rental, especially in regions where there can be a market value increase during peak visitor seasons. The arrangement maps out the obligation of the participating parties and sets forth policies and procedures for payment and the use of the property. Contained in the paperwork are the names of the tenant(s) and landlord, the subject property address, payment schedule, lease term, and security deposit information. The contract also states conditions to the agreement, that must be followed to avoid a breach of commitment. To make the accord official, all included parties must sign in the appropriate spaces and date the form.