Maryland Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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The Maryland month-to-month lease agreement asserts the configuration of a rental understanding to a physical written format for registration purposes. The month-to-month agreement, contrary to the organization of a regular lease contract, provides the possibility to end the arrangement with thirty (30) day notification prior to vacating (§8–402). The regulation obligated by the state of Maryland stipulates that the announcement of the lease termination is to be submitted to the other party in written form. Included in the contract are specifying accounts of the tenant and landlord, as well as clarifying provisions to indicate the rights and duties to be bestowed and required for the duration of the lease. The lease provides additional information on:

  • The Rental Payment Schedule
  • The Compulsory Deposit for Security
  • Lease Term Commencement and Expiration Dates
  • Charges for Late Rental Payments
  • Utilities and Services Assignment
  • Sublease Conditions
  • Building Policy Details

There are supplementary clauses to cover other various aspects of the accord, to provide clarity and understanding. The language pertains to many different components of leasing a residence, to ensure that both parties are aware of the arrangement. Once the involved individuals have agreed to the terms, execution of the document can take place to secure the bond.