Idaho Roommate Agreement Template

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The Idaho roommate agreement initiates a physical record to report the duties of each roommate and the commitments made for rental of a residential domicile. The lease covers the shared and private space to occupied by each individual and the payments to be dispersed by each on a monthly basis. The format of the paperwork is intended to create an understanding amongst those that plan to be living together, mapping out regulations and conditions to occupancy. The contract further lists specifics on the utilities and services to be allocated to the residing roommates, as well as policies and procedures to be followed for the duration of the obligation. Entailed in the arrangement is also the protocol of departure should any of the roommates vacate the premises before lease-end. It will then be considered the responsibility of those opting out of the agreement early to find a roommate to take their place. Should they fail to find a suitable replacement, they will remain responsible for their portion of rental payments due. To be made official, the document must be signed by all participating parties, including the landlord (or principal roommate) of the premises, to have proper legal standing.