Iowa Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


The Iowa month-to-month lease agreement ascribes a physical contract to express the conditions of tenancy of a residence for an individual in exchange for monetary compensation. The flexibility inherent in this standardized form allows for the tenant or owner to opt-out with an established declaration. The document has the capability of being filled out electronically or printed and filled by hand. There is allocated save to catalog the names of the involved parties, the property description, rental payment schedule, security deposit and property policies for occupancy. The state of Iowa requires that notification of either party be delivered in writing to be considered properly notified. Upon endorsement, the paperwork is a legally binding document and commitment to the clauses and language are to be upheld to prevent a breach of the agreed-upon covenants.

Iowa Association of Realtors Month-to-Month Lease AgreementPDF

Iowa 30-Day Notice to Terminate TenancyPDF