Hawaii Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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Updated on December 14th, 2020

The Hawaii month-to-month lease agreement categorizes the information in reference to the leasing of a property to a tenant for a designated monthly payment. The term of the lease for a month-to-month type does not have a nominated termination date, and instead, the expiry of the contract occurs when one party gives notification to the other. Many states require that a stipulated amount of time the notification must be given, and is usually the same amount for either party. However, for the state of Hawaii, the notice from the landlord must be given forty-five (45) days ahead of the date to the tenant or twenty-eight (28) days in advance from the tenant to the landlord to conclude the agreement.

Specified in the paperwork is information concerning the involved parties, the property address, payment amounts, payment due dates, policies, and regulation. When both landlord and tenant agree to the provisions contained in the agreement, it can be executed to become enforceable by law.