Georgia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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The Georgia month-to-month lease agreement reinforces the understanding with a written account interpreting the details concerning an individual to rent a residential space for a signified dollar amount. The added flexibility of the month-to-month agreement can be beneficial to both the tenant and landlord should either choose to end the arrangement at any point. The lease can free the lessor or lessee with no obligation, should there be the need, with a simple notification of thirty (30) days for the tenant or sixty (60) days notice from the landlord. The typical thirty (30) day notice is extended to sixty (60) days solely for the lessor, as mandated by the governing forces of the state of Georgia (§ 44-7-7). The form includes space to furnish the required information on the owner, tenant(s), rent, security deposit, as well as other supporting conditions and provisions to be agreed on by both parties. It is recommended that the paperwork be endorsed before a notary or legal professional to facilitate the authenticity of the signatures as well as the capacity of all participating individuals.