Garage (Parking) Rental Lease Agreement Template

The garage (parking) lease agreement supports an understanding for the owner of a dedicated garage or parking space to allocate the use of the space to an individual in return for a preset pricing arrangement. Many business require an additional area to designate as a location to park company or customer vehicles. The possibility of storage for personal belongings or trade equipment may also be a motivating force as a security measure to obtain use of the site. The explicit purpose of use can be illustrated in the rental agreement and fine-tuned to meet the needs of both the lessee and lessor.

When planning a deal to exchange the utilization of the allocated unit of storage for a monetary stipend, it is essential to include a detailed written account of the provisions inherent in the accord. The document provides a fillable integrated record of the material facts concerning the transaction. The paperwork stipulates the specifics on  the:

  • Tenant Name
  • Landlord Name
  • Area Description
  • Lease Term
  • Security Deposit

Supplementary regulation on the use of the allotted square footage is determined in the clauses following primary conditions as well as liability provisions. When all participants have affixed their signatures to the form, a valid commitment is made, and the contents are then regarded as legally binding.