Arizona Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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The Arizona month-to-month lease agreement defines the specifications concerning the rental of a residential unit with an acknowledged ability for either lessor or lessee to dissolve the contract with advanced notice of thirty (30) days. The document lists the persons involved in the transaction, property address, rental rate, lease term, security deposit, as well as other negotiated provisions. Although the state of Arizona may allow for a verbal commitment on month-to-month leases, signing a valid contract can allow for both parties to have a written understanding to refer to in case of a dispute.

The agreement will renew every month until either the tenant or landlord decides to cancel with the obligated notification. For either party to break the contract, a simple written statement must be issued to the other party thirty (30) days before the desired termination. It is mandated that memorandum is in writing, according to state regulation per the Arizona Revised Statutes § 33-1375.