Alaska Residential Rental Application Form


The Alaska Residential Rental Application allows for parties interested in leasing real estate to support their consideration with produced personal information. Once a possible lessee wishes to move forward with a leasing transaction, the next step is to provide them with a rental application form to fill and hand-in. The paperwork generally is received with a customary application fee to signify the intent of the submission along with a valid proof of identification. The potential tenant will then complete the filing in its entirety, furnishing names and current addresses for all applying tenants, along with rental history, references, and social security number(s).

Although the landlord has the final say on approval, this cannot infringe upon any rights afforded by state and federal authorities concerning anti-discrimination laws in providing housing. The information contributed is utilized to run background checks on the applicant for credit and criminal history to protect the landlord from a high-risk tenant. The paper form additionally provides employment information to ensure that the person applying has the means to afford the monthly payments. Upon acknowledgment and approval of the application, the parties can then expand the relationship by signing the lease agreement to confirm the specifics of the obligation.