New Hampshire Bill of Sale Forms


The New Hampshire bill of sale form predicates an outlined written format of the arrangement involving a personally-owned item being sold in exchange for a monetary amount. The archived filing contains specific information about the buyer and seller conducting the transaction, along with the particulars of the terms of sale and sale item. The form can be later used as an instrument to protect against any possible liability for the seller if the item should be used unlawfully.

Bill of Sale Types

Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale Form – Utilized to record the information on the sale of a particular automobile.

Download: PDF

Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form – Discloses the critical facts of a sale of watercraft into a written contract.

Download: PDF

Firearm (Gun) Bill of Sale Form – Presents a written arrangement detailing the sale of a gun for a stipulated financial compensation amount.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx)

Vehicle Registration Forms

  • A notarized bill of sale
  • Accurately reassigned certificate of title with completed Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form TDMV 12).
  • Evidence of applicant’s state residency with a corresponding utility bill, pay stub, or lease agreement.
  • Accepted form of payment for taxes and fees associated with registration and titling.

Boat (Vessel) Registration Forms

Firearm Registration Forms

New Hampshire does not impose any mandated registration or purchase permit necessary for residents to buy or own a firearm within the state. Permitless carry went into effect as of February 2017, allowing for individuals to carry concealed or openly in designated areas with a New Hampshire photo ID. If you would like to obtain a Resident Pistol/Revolver License to travel with a gun outside the state, within participating reciprocity states, you may apply with the following materials at your resident sheriff’s office: