Cat / Kitten Bill of Sale Form

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The cat/kitten bill of sale form is a helpful instrument that can be applied during the sale and purchase of a feline. It can protect both parties in the event that the transaction ever comes into question. Breeders and/or cat owners can provide the document to the buyer stipulating how the transaction will unfold. Specific information is required involving the buyer, seller, and cat/kitten being sold.

Table of Contents

    How to Sell a Cat/Kitten

    Finding a new home for a cat/kitten can seem like a daunting task. You may not know where to start. Luckily for you, we are going to guide you through the process of selling your cat and providing a safe new residence.

    Pricing a Cat or Kitten

    Price depends on various factors when it comes to a cat or kitten. For instance, an adult cat may be less desirable than a kitten, as some people prefer raising the animal from adolescence. Although, it may work vice versa if a buyer is looking for an animal with less maintenance. Also, the breed of cat can play a huge part in its monetary value depending on the rarity of the pedigree (Ex: A purebred Maine Coon Cat will typically exceed the price of your average house cat). Scan the classified ads to see what comparable cats/kittens are going for in the marketplace.

    Posting an Ad

    Once you have come to a conclusion on the initial asking price, you will have to decide how you will advertise the feline. In the past, advertising your pet required more footwork. Sellers would hang flyers in cat-friendly establishments such as pet stores, vet offices, adoption centers, etc., or, they would buy a written ad in a newspaper. Today, there are many more efficient ways to introduce your animal to a much wider range of potential buyers using the internet. There are sites fully dedicated to buying and selling animals, in this case, cats.

    • – Because there are so many cats/kittens available for adoption, there are minimum classified ad websites that are dedicated to the sale of cats. Hoobly is one of the few that allows you to create an ad with a “sales price”. Buyers should be aware that this website may contain scammers, it is best to view the animal in person prior to purchase.
    • – Is a website that allows you to advertise your pet for adoption. You may charge an adoption fee to satisfy any costs associated with the animal.
    • Facebook – Is a good place reach all your friends and family. Create a Post stating that the animal is for sale. Be sure to include a photo, description, and sale price.

    Meeting with a Potential Buyer

    You will start to receive calls and messages from people interested in your cat/kitten. Answer all their inquiries to the best of your knowledge. Eventually, one of the inquiring parties will ask if they can come to see the cat/kitten with an interest to buy. Schedule an appointment to show the animal. Make sure its a safe location during the daytime. Come prepared with all the feline’s paperwork, this includes proof of ownership, health records, bill of sale, etc. At the meeting, the buyer will view the cat/kitten, if they are content with the animal, it will be time to discuss how the transaction will unfold.

    Coming to an Agreement

    Since the buyer has expressed that they would like to purchase the cat, it is time for the two parties to come to an agreement on how the transaction will be executed. First, the buyer may try to get a reduction on the price of the cat/kitten, if this is the case, it is up to the seller to either accept, deny, or counteroffer. Once a price has been established, the next step would be arranging the form of payment that will be used. For the seller, the prime option would be cash. If the buyer insists on not paying with cash, you may accept a certified check and it is recommended to be accompanied by the buyer at their bank to cash the check.

    Bill of Sale

    It is highly suggested that a bill of sale is executed when purchasing or selling a cat and/or kitten. You may establish the terms of sale using this document which will provide a record of the sale that is sealed with a signature. Follow the direction below to complete the form:

    Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

    Step 2 – Description of Kitten or Cat – This form requires that the participants provide the following information regarding the animal:

    • Breed
    • Color
    • Sex
    • Description of Kitten or Cat
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of Sale
    • Purchase Amount

    Step 3 – Personal Information of the Purchaser and Seller – Enter the requested information of the individuals that are taking part in the transaction:


    • Name of Purchaser (print)
    • Address
    • Phone
    • E-mail


    • Name of Seller (print)
    • Address
    • Phone
    • E-mail

    Step 4 – Introduction Paragraph – The initial paragraph basically states that the seller gives permission to the buyer to contact them if any issues should arise with the cat or kitten. If the seller agrees to this, they should provide the following into the available spaces:

    • Printed Name
    • Phone Number

    Step 5 – Deposit – If the seller would like to impose a mandatory deposit, they may do so by stipulating:

    • Amount of the Deposit
    • Initials

    Step 6 – Method of Payment- If the seller decided they wanted a deposit, they may stipulate the form of payment. The options are:

    • The seller’s email address associated with their PayPal account.
    • Name of the person the check will be made payable to along with their address.

    The seller must then provide their initials in the indicated space.

    Step 7 – Purchase of Cat – Read the following statement, if you agree with the terms, initial in the available space provided.

    Step 8 – Health Guarantee – The seller must provide the buyer with all health records concerning the cat or kitten. Enter the following information regarding the cat/kitten’s health care:

    • Veterinarian
    • Veterinary Practice
    • Address
    • Phone

    Below, the contract states that the buyer has 48 hours to have the cat or kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian. If there are any defects with the animal, the buyer has the option of returning the animal for a full refund (not including the deposit). To finalize this section, participants must provide their initials on the designated line. (2 more paragraphs follow below, read them carefully and initial the ones that you would like to apply to the contract.

    Step 9 – Spay/Neuter Agreement – Initial the sections you would like to be enforced within the contract.

    Step 8 – Purchaser’s Veterinary Information – The first paragraph basically states that, if initialed, the buyer will provide the feline’s new veterinarian’s information. This will include:

    • Name of Veterinarian
    • Name of Veterinary Practice
    • Address of Practice/Veterinarian
    • Phone number of Practice/Veterinarian
    • Date or Tentative Date of Appointment for Spay/Neuter

    Once all the information has been inserted, the purchaser should provide their initials on the line below certifying that the above information is accurate.

    Step 9