Aircraft Bill of Sale Form


The Aircraft Bill of Sale Form (Form 8050-2) is an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) demanded contract that enables an individual to sell their aircraft to another party. The aircraft, buyer, and seller must all be identified within the agreement and information such as the registration number, serial number, manufacturer, and model must be disclosed.

Is an Aircraft Bill of Sale Necessary?

Yes, it is required by law to execute this agreement. It is a formality that can function as proof of sale and can be held on record for future reference. It must be prepared in duplicate, meaning that two copies of the form must be filled out and signed, making sure that the name of the purchaser is going to be the same as the applicant on the registration. Both of the original copies will go to the buyer who will then have to present one during registration and retain the other for their records (the seller may make a photocopy for their records).

How to Sell an Aircraft

Selling an aircraft can seem like an intimidating task, but as long as you comply with the following guidelines, you should experience a smooth transaction. Below, we will explain the general process of the exchange and list the necessary paperwork required for the transfer of ownership to avoid any legal issues.

Step 1 – Determining the Value

Before you list your aircraft for sale, it is wise to get a general idea of what it’s worth. The AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) provides a useful tool called the Vref, an abbreviation for “Valuation Reference”. It is a service that estimates the aircraft’s worth based on the many variables associated with the property. That being said, it is not the be-all and end-all. It is still recommended to have the aircraft appraised by a professional. Many factors go into the pricing of an aircraft such as the demand for a particular model, its history, damage, repairs, etc. If you take all these considerations into account, you should be on your way to determining the true value of your aircraft.

Step 2 – Listing/Advertising Your Aircraft

Now that you have a selling price in mind, it’s time to list your aircraft for sale. You may want to start by posting an ad on a website that specializes in the sale of aircraft. This ad should include a detailed description, photos, and listing price. There are several websites where you can post your aircraft for sale so that you can reach the most potential buyers. These would include sites such as:

Step 3 – Negotiating with the Buyer

Once you are contacted by a potential buyer, you must discuss and agree upon the terms and conditions of how the sale will transpire. Some things you will need to determine will be; the price in which the aircraft will be sold for, the method of payment (it is recommended to meet at a bank to carry out the transfer), if the buyer would like a pre-purchase inspection, etc. After coming to an agreement, you may execute the bill of sale upon the exchange of funds for the property.

(The AOPA is partnered with Aero-Space Reports who provide an option called Aircraft Title and Escrow Services. This service helps handle the exchange of funds during the transfer of ownership of an aircraft.)

How to Register an Aircraft

To legally fly an aircraft, you must first register it with the FAA. To do so, you must be a citizen or have authorization from the federal government to register. Send the following items to the Aircraft Registration Branch:

  • Proof of Ownership (the Aircraft Bill of Sale – Form 8050-2)
  • A completed Aircraft Registration Application (Form 8050-1)
  • Be prepared to pay $5.00 fee for registration to the FAA.

How to Write an Aircraft Bill of Sale

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – General Information – Provide the following requested information into the corresponding spaces:

  • In consideration of (enter the numerical sales price in dollars)
  • United States Registration Number
  • Aircraft Manufacturer and Model
  • Aircraft Serial Number
  • Date of Sale (day, month, year)

Step 3 – Purchaser Information – Buyer has to supply the following personal details:

  • Name (first, last, middle initial)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Step 4 – Dealer – If the transaction involves a dealer, you must provide the following:

  • Dealer Certificate Number
  • Executors, Administrators
  • Date

(If a dealer is not involved, simply leave blank.)

Step 5 – Seller(s) Signature(s) – To finalize the contract, any sellers who have an interest in the aircraft must provide their:

  • Typed or Printed Name
  • Signature
  • & Title

Two copies of this form must be completed and contain original signatures. If a tradename is used for either the purchaser or seller, the owners and co-owners of the company must provide their individual names as well. Once completed, send a copy with the signatures in ink to:

FAA Aircraft Registration Branch
P.O. Box 25504, Oklahoma City, OK