Pennsylvania (DMV) Bill of Sale Form for Motor Vehicle, Trailer, or Boat

The Pennsylvania DMV bill of sale for a motor vehicle, trailer, or boat is a paper account of the essential components surrounding the transaction of a vehicle for an identified consideration amount. The format of this record generally includes necessary information on the purchase such as vehicle specifics, buyer and seller info, purchase price, and signatory acknowledgment of contract. The state of Pennsylvania does not demand a bill of sale to grant registration and title. It can additionally be utilized to protect oneself against any legal liability once the vehicle changes hands. It can also be useful to provide evidence of sale in the arena of tax filing.

How to Register a Vehicle

Pennsylvania BMV requires separate application filings for new and used vehicles. When presenting paperwork for a new vehicle, you will want to establish proof of ownership with a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin. Used vehicles will call for a transferred Title complete with odometer statement. The same scenario applies for the application you will want to fill out and hand in. For new vehicles, the necessary form will be the Application for Certificate of Title. Used vehicles will require a Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Return/Application for Registration. Both of these forms are only available to fill out at a PennDOT location or notary office in person. These forms are not available for download online as they incorporate a 3-tier form protocol.

Visit your nearest PennDOT Office with the following arranged materials:

  • The appropriate application for title/registration, Application for Certificate of Title (form MV-1) for new vehicles or a Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Return/Application for Registration (form MV-4ST) for used vehicles (available upon visiting PennDOT Office).
  • Proper evidence of ownership of the vehicle via a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin for new vehicles, or properly reassigned Title (ensure that odometer statement is accurately filled-out).
  • Valid automobile insurance in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Up-to-date Pennsylvania State issued identification card or driver’s license.
  • Certificate for the vehicle passing Safety Inspection as well as a separate Emissions Inspection.
  • An active form of payment for taxes and fees for registration and title.

The following items may be mandated dependent on the vehicle or your specific situation:

How to Register a Vessel

The state of Pennsylvania prescribes particular requirements to get your boat up and running upon any state waterways. All vessels propelled by a motor or sailboat that is equipped with an outboard motor must be legally registered with the governing authorities. Watercrafts excluded from the obligation to register in-state are as follows:

  • Boats that are currently registered in another state to be used for no longer than a total of 60 days.
  • Ships lifeboats.
  • Boats in possession of the state or federal governments.

The law stipulates that when electing to utilize a boat, with or without a motor, it must have proper documentation proving registration of the vessel. This applies when used upon waterways within the designated region overseen by the Pennsylvania Fish an Boat Commission or within the boundaries of a Pennsylvania State Park.

In addition to regulated registration, a Pennsylvania certificate of title is mandated for all the following vessels:

  • All boats with a length of 14 feet or longer equipped with an inboard or outboard motor.
  • Any boat furnished with an inboard motor that was built after 1996.
  • Any boat that is titled in an alternate state that chooses to use Pennsylvania as its primary location.

Pennsylvania title and registration can be acquired by mail or by visiting the nearest Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission office to hand in the following listed filings:

Apply necessary postage and send the itemized materials to:

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
Division of Licensing and Registration
P.O. Box 68900
Harrisburg, PA 17106

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – Vehicle Information – Fill out the information that will be needed to identify the vehicle correlated with the exchange:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Style
  • Color
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Odometer Reading
  • Seller Registration Number

Step 3 – Signify whether or not you have submitted an application for this automobile on a previous occasion.

Step 4 – Seller/Buyer Information – Complete all information relevant to all buyers and sellers participating in the transaction:

  • Seller’s Full Name
  • Seller’s Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Buyer’s Full Name
  • Buyer’s Street Address
  • City
  • State

Step 5 – Purchase Information – Indicate the specific facts related to the sale itself:

  • Sale Price
  • If the sale was a gift, include the relationship to the seller on this part of the form.

Step 6 – Affix the signatures of the buyer and seller to the bottom of the form in their corresponding spaces, along with the date of signature.

Step 7 – Create a second replica of the bill of sale by simply inputting the information from steps 1-6 on the second segment of the form just below the stippled line.