Montana Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale Form

The Montana boat bill of sale form compiles the corresponding information associated with the sale of a vessel into a tangible contract, for documentation. Included in the transcript are the full names of the involved parties, the specifics concerning the boat involved in the sale, and purchase terms of the agreement. This filing can be utilized at a later time to prove valid exchange and the precise date of purchase.

How to Register a Boat

Any motor-propelled vessel or any sailboat with a length that exceeds 12 feet must be officially registered with the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Department to be utilized within the state. Exemptions from this requirement apply only to lifeboats for ships or government-owned vessels. Should a watercraft currently registered in another country or state be used upon Montana State waterways, keep in mind that the window of use without additional state registration will be limited to a total of 90 uninterrupted days.

To register a vessel, secure the following documentation for submission at your nearest Country Treasurer’s office or Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks facility:

 How to Complete the Form

Step 1 – Download the accompanying Adobe PDF to fill out the form.

Step 2 – Input the full amount of the purchase price in the following formats:

  • Written (in words)
  • Numerical

Step 3 – Purchaser’s Information – Include the information relevant to the individual purchasing the vessel:

  • Purchaser’s Name
  • Purchaser’s Driver’s License/FEIN ID/Tribal ID/Corporate ID Number
  • Purchaser’s Address

Step 4 – Vessel Information – Enter the information about the boat being sold as follows:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Style
  • Hull Identification Number
  • Registration Number (if applicable)

Step 5 – In the next two sections of the form, indicate by placing a checkmark in the correct box, whether the boat will be sold as a salvage vehicle and/or if it will be sold for parts only.

Step 6 – Odometer Statement – In the next segment of the form, first indicate by checking the appropriate box if the odometer reads five digits or 6. Record the numerical odometer reading in the following space. Note the date in which you recorded the odometer reading in the next space. If there is an issue with the odometer because it either has past the highest amount it can record and has reset or it is not working correctly, check the corresponding box. If neither applies, do not place a mark in either box.

Step 7 – Once in the company of a registered notary public, allow the purchaser to fill out the next portion of the form as follows:

  • Purchaser’s Signature
  • Date
  • Purchaser’s Printed Name

Step 8 – Seller’s Information and Signature – Under the supervision of the same notary, the seller may complete the next part as directed:

  • Seller’s Signature
  • Date
  • Seller’s Printed Name
  • Seller’s Driver’s License/FEIN ID/Tribal ID/Corporate ID Number
  • Seller’s Address

Step 9 – After completion of the form, the notary can then be instructed to finalize the paperwork to state specifications.