Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale Form

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A vehicle bill of sale is a form essential to the sale of a vehicle between two parties. Most states require that a vehicle bill of sale be included in the sale of an automobile. States that require a vehicle bill of sale often provide their own form which can be found at your local DMV office. If your state does not require a vehicle bill of sale, it’s still a good idea to include the form in the sale. Create a Vehicle Bill of Sale below.

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    What is a Vehicle Bill of Sale?

    A Vehicle Bill of Sale is a document that proves an automobile was purchased by a buyer from a seller. It also acts as a receipt for the buyer’s record and will protect the buyer in the future if a dispute of the sale arises. Your local DMV office will normally look at your vehicle bill of sale to calculate how much in sales tax you owe when registering your newly purchased vehicle. A Vehicle Bill of Sale is different than your ordinary bill of sale because the value of a vehicle largely depends if you can legally drive it on the road. If your state requires a vehicle bill of sale and you forget to use it in the sale of a vehicle, you could have a serious problem getting the vehicle titled and registered in your name.